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Maximize Fun, Minimize Cost: Discover Our New, Simplified Group Event Packages

At Chuck E. Cheese, we understand the importance of creating memorable experiences for kids while keeping an eye on the value. That's why we've tailored our group event packages to offer the best of both worlds - affordability and fun!

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Why Host Your Next Group Event at Chuck E. Cheese?

  • Kid Check® Secure: Everyone who comes together, leaves together. At Chuck E. Cheese, your kids can run and play, worry free.
  • Meet Chuck E. Cheese: He is one of the most popular, well-known kids characters in the world. He’ll be at your event, singing and dancing with your kids.
  • All-You-Can-Play Games: Worried kids will use up all of their game time before the event is over? Not at Chuck E. Cheese. Your kids are guaranteed to play games for the entire event!
  • Completely Turnkey Events: Book your event, bring your kids, have fun. We’ll take care of rest and ensure you have a great event without a lot of planning
  • Two Full Hours of Fun: Your experience is two hours long. Your kids can spend the entire time playing games, or you can take as many breaks as you want at your reserved table.
  • Budget Friendly Packages: Our group event packages are designed to be affordable for both organizations and parents.
  • Two Hours of Reserved Table Time: Every kid in your party has a seat available for the duration of your event. Use it for eating, resting, or just socializing.
  • Two Hours of All-You-Can-Play Games: Every kid in the group gets a card that allows them to play as many games as they want for the entire duration of your event.
  • Activated Play Pass Card: Every kid receives a standard issue Chuck E. Cheese Play Pass card (regularly sold for $1.00 each) which may be retained and re-used for future family visits.
  • Two Slices of Pizza: You’ll receive one medium pizza for every five kids in your group.
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks: Every kid in your group gets a bottomless drink cup that can be used for unlimited refills during your visit from our soft drink fountain bar.
  • One Grab Bag: Nobody goes home empty handed! Every kid in your group receives a small goody bag of prizes before they leave. This is in lieu of visiting the prize counter (see the FAQ for details of why we do this).
  • E-Tickets For a Future Visit: Your kids get to keep all of the prize E-Tickets they earn during their visit (stored on their Play Pass card). These may be redeemed on any future family trip. This is in lieu of visiting the prize counter (see the FAQ for details on why we have to do this).
  • Customizable E-Mail Invitations: After you book your event you’ll get access to custom Evite invitations you can use to track RSVPs for your group.

At Chuck E. Cheese, we're more than just a venue; we're a destination where fun and value meet. Book your group event today and watch as the kids immerse themselves in a world of excitement and joy!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Group Events

What is a Chuck E. Cheese Group Event?

A Chuck E. Cheese Group Event is a package designed for children's sports teams, summer camps, school field trips, youth groups, and other organizations. It is a perfect outing for team building, end of season parties, field trips, and other organizational gatherings. It includes 2 hours of All You Can Play games, table space, 2 slices of pizza per child, unlimited soft drinks, grab bags with prizes, activated and reusable Play Pass cards, and E-Tickets for future use. Events require a minimum of 10 children.

How is a Group Event different from a birthday party?

Group Events are intended for children's sports teams, summer camps, school field trips, youth groups, and other organizations, offering a different experience than Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Parties. Birthday Parties are designed for individual celebrations and are offered in 3 different packages with an all-inclusive experience for Guests, exclusive items for the Birthday Star, and event décor.

*Group Event pricing only applicable to children's sports team and non-profit organization events, and is not available for, nor applicable to, Birthday Parties. Reserving a Group Event cannot be used for Birthday Parties. By submitting a Group Event reservation, you acknowledge, agree and accept that if we determine in our reasonable discretion that you scheduled a Group Event to hold a Birthday Party, the per child pricing will be increased to the lowest Birthday Party package pricing per child, and you agree to pay for the event at that adjusted pricing.

How is a Group Event different from a Fundraiser event?

A Group Event is specifically tailored for groups to experience 2 hours of entertainment for team building, comradery, and fun. The organization pays for the Group Event on one check. A Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser, on the other hand, is an organized event where families come and go from 3 – 9 p.m., order on individual checks, and Chuck E. Cheese donates 20% of event check sales back to the organization. Fundraisers are marketed by the organization to its members. Group events may be booked at Fundraisers may be booked at

Booking An Event

How do I book a Group Event?

You can book a Chuck E. Cheese Group Event at or contact your local Chuck E. Cheese.

How far in advance to I need to book a Group Event?

Group Events may be booked 12 months out and up to 48 hours in advance of your event date. Advanced booking requirement may vary by location and change at any time.

Is a deposit required for Group Events?

A deposit is not required to book a Group Event. Payment for the Group Event will be made on the day of the event for a minimum of 10 Guests.

How hard is it to cancel a Group Event?

Cancelling a Group Event is easy. Simply open your confirmation email and select "Need to Update Your Event?" Then, select "Cancel Reservation," or call your local Chuck E. Cheese. Be sure to cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

Can I bring a group smaller than 10 people?

The minimum group size requirement is 10 but may vary by location.

Can I finance my Group Event?

Financing options are not currently offered for Group Events. Payment is required based on the agreed-upon terms when booking the reservation.

If fewer people show to the event than booked, what is the payment requirement for my organization?

You are only required to pay for the number of Guests that show to your event. However, there is a minimum purchase of 10 Guests for each Group Event.

Games, E-Tickets, and Prizes

Why can’t kids redeem prizes at the prize counter during the event?

In order for Groups get the best Chuck E. Cheese experience with the most play time, we replace redemption of prizes at the prize counter with grab bags. This cuts out time wasted in line (with large events this can be up to an hour of play time), provides kids with the prizes they love, and kids still get to redeem the E-Tickets that they earned at the Group Event at the prize counter on a future visit.

What happens to the E-Tickets kids earn?

E-Tickets remain on the child's Play Pass card. They may return any time in the future to redeem or can earn more when they use that same Play Pass card on future visits, for large prizes.

Do kids earn tickets when they play games?

Yes! At Chuck E. Cheese kids always win. During Group Events, each game issues E-Tickets to the child's Play Pass card to be redeemed at the prize counter on a future visit.

How do kids redeem the eTickets that they earned?

Kids are encouraged to keep their Play Pass cards and bring them back to Chuck E. Cheese during their next visit, at which time they can use the same card and keep racking up E-Tickets for fun prizes.

Package Details

What is included in a Chuck E. Cheese Group Event package?

A Group Event package includes 2 hours of All You Can Play game, table space, 2 slices of 1-topping pizza per child, unlimited soft drinks, grab bags with prizes, activated Play Pass cards, and E-Tickets for a future visit.

Can I add pizza, ice cream, or other items to my package?

Yes, additional food options may be added on the day of your event at your local Chuck E. Cheese.

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